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Why reglazing is better than replacing?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

A lot of people have been asking me to explain them the way reglazing works and what makes it such a smart solution for replacing the bathroom.

Average price for replacement - $2,838.

It includes:

- Removal of an old bathtub

- Utilization

- Purchase a new bathtub

- Delivery fee

- Installment

It takes at least 2 days and significantly affects your budget!

However, we have a reasonable solution for you - your old bathtub reglazing. It involves removal of scratches, chipping, surface damages, and several coats of our high quality paint.

As a result, you will receive the astonishing brand new looking bathtub which would be ready to use on the same day!

Reglazing main benefits:

- Cost

- Performing speed

- Having everything in order and keeping it clean after the work is finished

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