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Never do DIY reglazing!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Why do I not recommend painting the bathtub yourself? There are three main reasons:

- Lack of experience and understanding of the painting process and house owners.

- Poor quality of DIY kits.

- Drying up time.

The majority of DIY kits take 24-72 hours to dry up. Can you imagine not being able to take a shower for 3 days?

Many painting companies will offer you 6-24 hours to dry up as they use other techniques or material.

By lack of experience I mean that a person doesn’t take all the ins and outs into consideration while preparing a bathtub for painting.

As an example, the gap between the bathtub and tile. After cleaning a bathtub, water stays there, which can be blown out only with pressure air. If you skip it, the water will damage the paint after reglazing. As the vacuum created will not allow the water to evaporate.

Or the other example – painting a rusty surface (even if you sanded it with sandpaper) will soon lead to the paint peeling off.

To avoid it the surface should be puttied up with a professional putty.

There are plenty of examples like this, only a person dealing with it on daily basis can take all the nuances into account.

And this little thing will be a reason for your bathtub to lose its appearance and you will have to call for a specialist. A technician will have to remove the old layer of paint to paint it all over again. And that adds up to an initial cost.

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