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How do I prepare bathtub for refinishing?

Updated: Jan 5

So you've scheduled the refinishing of your bathtub. What's next?

Morning appointments: If your appointment is scheduled for the morning, please ensure all household members shower early to avoid any inconvenience as the bathtub will be unusable during and after the refinishing process for several hours.

  1. Bathroom preparation:

  • Briefly inform the technician your preferred time for a quick bathroom break, after which:

  • Remove all toiletries, lotions, razors, and other personal items from the bathtub and surrounding surfaces.

  • Store away towels, bathrobes, and bath mats.

  • Secure any valuables such as jewelry or watches, as the room will be covered with plastic film during the process (small items can easily get lost).

  1. Technician responsibilities:

  • Cleaning: Rest assured, your technician will thoroughly clean the bathtub and remove overflow plate for optimal refinishing results.

  • Shower doors: No need to remove shower doors! They will be carefully covered with protective plastic film before painting.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure a smooth and efficient bathtub refinishing process.

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