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What is warranty and how it works

Updated: May 31, 2022

The average warranty period is 2-5 years. I have seen funny promises about 15 years or even lifetime warranty. This is more likely to be a lie. Nobody will redo your bathtub in 15 years, there will be many reasons starting with a lost receipt about the works carried out to the misuse.

My company offers 2 year warranty.

The warranty covers any problems related to faulty painting technique or low-quality material.

(Free repairment or full painting will be provided based on the problem). Any problems caused by house owners are not covered by warranty.

Some examples:

- The paint started peeling off around the drain because of the leaking faucet – not covered by the warranty, leakage should be fixed straight away once found.

- The paint started flaking after you dropped a glass bottle or metallic shaver – not covered with warranty. After the works are completed a technician issues a user guide manual, which states that using of glass bottles and metallic items are prohibited.

- The paint flakes off with no apparent cause – warranty case due to irregularities in the painting procedure.

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