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Our Services

We work at all type of houses and all type of bathtubs and we provide refinishing services for:
  • Porcelain tub

  • Cast iron tub

  • Fiberglass tub

  • Acrylic tub

  • Bathroom vanity

  • Bathroom sink

  • Ceramic tile

  • Bathroom countertop

Advantages of Working with Us
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Eco friendly

We are safety conscious. We use Low VC paint and it makes less impact on air quality than the conventional refinishing paints without sacrificing the quality. We also use fragrance additive painting to minimize the odor. 



We collect all the chemical waste in a special container to avoid stain and human contact, and we do a thorough clean up. We make sure we leave a clean bathroom for you.

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Saving time and money

Replacing a bathtub is an expensive, time-consuming method of achieving the same result. Our services save time and money.

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Up to 3 years of real warranty

Our warranty covers surfaces of reglazed bathtub for a period up to 3 years if you maintain the surface and wall tile as recommended.

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Ready to use in 8 hours

We deliver the fastest result, wait 8 hours after reglazing and start using your bathtub.

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