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Frequently asked questions

What should i do before your arrival? IT'S VERY IMPORTANT

- Plumbing should be in good working order. Dripping faucets , and any installation of hardware should all be done prior to my arrival. Drain does not have to be removed!

- Is there is fresh paint on the walls? There's a chance of paint being pulled off from the masking tape. I especially find this where sheetrock is right up against the front skirt of the tub. Just a heads up.

- Please make sure the bathroom is cleared out of any loose articles, such as shower curtains, window curtains, rugs, items on counters etc. Anything that isn’t in a cupboard or drawer, that can be removed from the bathroom should be. I will do any necessary covering of walls and floors.

- I will need electricity, running water in tub.If it's cold outside I will need heat as well. The surface of the tub and glaze has to be above certain temperature or there can be issues.


  • How long does it take to refinish a tub?
    Approximately 4 to 7 hours.
  • How long do I have to wait before I can use my tub after refinishing?
    It can be used in 8 hours.
  • How long will the refinishing last?
    Many years, depending on the care it gets. Similar to a car.
  • Will there be fumes?
    Yes, there are fumes generated however, I vent the fumes out a window with a commercial exhaust system.
  • Do you change any of the plumbing fixtures?
    No. Plumbing problems (leaks, broken fixtures,etc.) must be resolved before refinishing by plumber.
  • Can I refinish my tub with a DIY kit found in stores?
    I highly don't recommend it. Many times I'm called to refinish a tub done by one of these. DIY kits are limited in strength and durability. They just don't last. They are usually made of an epoxy coating that can take many days to dry and yellows a lot over time. Most kits are rolled or brushed on, not given you a professional look. Some kits are sprayed on with an aerosol can, causing uneven coverage, dry spray and drips.
  • I can buy a bathtub for $300. So why Refinish?
    Yes, you can buy a bathtub for a $300 but, first of all you're buying a cheapest bathtub. You would be lucky if it lasts 3 years. Then you have the expense of putting it in. You need a tile guy, the bathtub has a lip that goes under the first row of tiles. The floor tiles will probably crack next to the bathtub when removing the old one. Next you need a plumber to install all the plumbing fixtures, and hope the pipes don't break when your removing the old bathtub, or installing the new drain. This $300 bathtub will take several days to install and a thousands in labor and tile work. That's without any major plumbing issues. If you do decide to replace the tub do yourself a favor and get a quality one.
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